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DM namePlayerK/DScoreDate
AlienWareBOSS68 / 0684 years ago
AlleyChampion_Ghost115 / 01156 years ago
Arena 69#HitMan!46 / 0462 years ago
Arena For BanditsLOaDInG66 / 1654 years ago
Cargo ShipKileR00729 / 0295 years ago
Construction Derby.::MaLeK::.74 / 074a year ago
D-Dayv^371 / 0715 years ago
Dildo Farm Revenge#S3RH4T!45 / 045a year ago
Driving School-tank70 / 0703 years ago
Duel of Sniperbriandutch44 / 1435 years ago
Everyday RoutineBigDogg657167 / 01675 years ago
FactoryBrianDUTCH65 / 0655 years ago
Federal Detention CenterVanParis146 / 11454 years ago
Fight For Cave-A-LotMarimau5100 / 01004 years ago
Fire Extinguisher Madness-tank106 / 11053 years ago
Flame Thrower Madness-tank59 / 0593 years ago
Friday|mm|~92 / 0924 months ago
fy_poolday#FEFE0088 / 2862 years ago
Glen Park.:ToTO:.64 / 460a year ago
Green Palms Factory.[~ExTerMiNio~].60 / 060a year ago
Grenadebattle|#MTA:GTO|86 / 0862 years ago
Hunting Quarry<>mr7<>129 / 01292 years ago
In da ClubExeLanS.#145 / 01452 years ago
Jizzy's Club#HitMan!159 / 01593 years ago
Lil' CaravanYoungCrew187 / 0187a year ago
Man HuntingKKK123491 / 0915 months ago
Market Centref5043 / 0433 years ago
Meat FactoryAeroLeX74 / 0742 years ago
Minigun Madness#Karwaky!86 / 0863 years ago
MotelAeroLeX58 / 0582 years ago
Ninja TournamentFrenkxDD95 / 0952 months ago
Palomino Cemetery-225 / 02252 years ago
Park'n'Fly#GiveiTup!94 / 0945 months ago
Pier 69#4JuStiCe!140 / 0140a year ago
RC Battlefield.[~Exterminio~].54 / 0542 years ago
Rocket Mania#IKU!40 / 040a year ago
RoofTopEredeti_Gige83 / 3802 months ago
Sky TopAeroLeX85 / 0852 years ago
SkyFight$Kick-STAR$54 / 054a year ago
Sprunk FactoryFrenkxDD152 / 01522 months ago
The Bad And The Ugly[M]aRL'[B]oRO^76 / 0763 years ago
The Four DragonsLITTLESHIT87 / 087a year ago
The RaidXHyDrO'Z~85 / 0852 years ago
The US Navy#FEFE0096 / 1952 years ago
Tiger Woods Challange<>mr7<>47 / 0472 years ago
Trash#Y3FE#00FF00|68 / 0689 months ago
University IncidentAeroLeX64 / 0642 years ago
Visiting Rich People<>mr7<>87 / 0872 years ago
WarehouseFawaz-65 / 2637 months ago
West FutureAeroLeX72 / 0722 years ago
WoodLand_____51 / 0512 years ago

Race namePlayerTimeVehicleIDDate
AccelerationTomosMAN25 sInfernus2 years ago
AirportBOSS49 sInfernus4 months ago
Airport Round We Goegg24 sNRG 5003 months ago
Area51BasexXH4RDC0R3Xx90 sInfernusa year ago
Backstreet Bangegg80 sInfernus3 months ago
Bridgesworthlesswaiter82138 sNRG 5002 years ago
Burnin Down The StripBOSS64 sInfernus4 months ago
CarPark DriftingSqullinithh89 sComet9 months ago
Countryside Cruiseegg74 sNRG 5003 months ago
Crazy Hill[LoL]Kerem8889 sSanchez10 months ago
Extreme Monster Madnessegg131 sNRG 500a year ago
Flee the Cityegg159 sNRG 500a year ago
Flying Freederex106 sInfernus4 months ago
FreeStyle Moto Academyegg185 sNRG 5003 months ago
Game Overderex48 sInfernus4 months ago
Gas Stationegg104 sNRG 5003 months ago
Gas Station 2RandomDude85 sNRG 5005 months ago
Highwayderex123 sInfernus4 months ago
Hospitalegg65 sInfernusa year ago
HousesAbestado58 sNRG 5002 years ago
Lost in Smokeegg53 sNRG 500a year ago
Monstertruck Madnessegg134 sInfernus3 months ago
MotoCrossXXderex91 sNRG 5004 months ago
MountainRandomDude162 sInfernus9 days ago
Moviederex88 sNRG 5004 months ago
Mullholland Getawayegg68 sNRG 5003 months ago
MurderHornRandomDude152 sNRG 50019 days ago
Over The Worldegg485 sInfernusa year ago
Police StationBOSS112 sInfernus4 months ago
Riverside Runegg108 sNRG 500a year ago
San Fierro MRRandomDude133 sInfernus9 days ago
SF HillClimbegg119 sNRG 500a year ago
Strip Tease-Tank14 sInfernus3 years ago
Tearin Up The GroveMarble45 sNRG 500a month ago
Two Wheel Madnessderex119 sNRG 5004 months ago
Under the Seaegg108 sNRG 500a year ago
Wu Zi MuLoADinG^166 sNRG 5002 years ago

Stadium namePlayerScoreCPsDate
KickStartegg58323 years ago

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